The Golden Ticket

Day One With Alice

Thanks again for seeing me through my hesitant nature and timidness!  I cannot wait to see what kind of beauty arises from this new sense of confidence addressing you directly.

You are very beautiful and I appreciate the fact that you expressed your admiration for me first.  Now, I can be as passionate as possible writing you sonnets and poetry without reliving past despair leaving a tragic hole in my soul.

I see a blank canvas craving paints the colors of tulips, roses and daffodils in my mind.  I see our hands touching, fingers intertwined.  I, often, still see myself shying away when you call my name, but that is getting better.

I am newer to the world of mutual affection.You are going to stand by me as I journey those scary places.  I can not thank you enough!
I am soft-hearted.  I am fond of love songs, poetry, artwork and alike.  

Holding hands, or just the idea of it causes my heart to race.  My morning so far has been glitch-free.  I feel good spicing up my nights with a dash of pepper and salt!  These wounds, never healing is ok with me if you’re open to discussing ideas, emotions, longing-for-ness and love.

WE are one above anyone trying to shade us.  WE are enough.  We like to eat each other’s crust over our candle-lit Italian dinners.  I fancy the idea of our lips meeting like Lady and The Tramp, swirling spaghetti.    Have a great day Miss!


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