TeamIBK (and Friends)

TeamIBK (and Friends)




Thanks For The Picture Whitney!

OUR GOAL is to SPONSOR YOU, YOUR RECOVERY, YOUR GYM, YOUR BUSINESS and/or YOUR CHILD.  Coach simply uses his story also as a perfect example of how and why friends and family may want to work together to support their loved ones.

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Bennett is a 2 1/2 year old with Laryngomalacia, laryngeal cleft, submucosal cleft palate, chronic lung disease, along with more diagnoses. He’s a happy boy who loves to play with superheroes but doesn’t realize he’s mommy and daddy’s superhero!

We love the support and acknowledgement we are getting these days.  NOT ALL on this page are actually getting, receiving and taking advantage of the mutual support yet, but we hope to change that ASAP.

(This set SOLD!! If you like this style you can request colorways and I’ll hook you up!!)

Check out more of Chris’s artwork: ARTBYCHRISFOWLER
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By the way..  NOW FOR THAT $25

(Independent Business Owner-ship) when you join the team, we will ALSO work with you and create ONE custom made personal page to help you bring awareness to your cause.

TeamIBK backing your Champ allows your family and friends to support them all while stepping up their personal health and dietary habits.
Monthly Income Levels Range Between $280 – $319,598
Annual Income Levels Range Between $831 – $1,185,555

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Sample Page:

To support your Champ, get their sponsorship info from them personally, enter their pin info BELOW and feed your bodies better!  Using their individual login gets you 20-40% off your purchase and helps them fuel their ambitions:

Starter Kit


Great For 20 – 40% Discounts On All Your Dietary Alternatives and Vitamins

Same Great Savings On Your Enrollment Packs Plan

Great For Fundraising –  TEMPLATEMODEL SITE

Great For Part-Time Work

Great For Additional Income – MODEL SITE

Great For Full-Time Income

Great For Families

Great For Team-Building


Ultimate Guide TO RECOVER For Writers, Authors, Poets And Alike HERE

Incorporate Your Writing:

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Character Endorsements

Works In Progress collects money for great reasons and causes.  Feel free to help friends of ours.


Teams and Leagues We Are Happy To See Succeed:

The Ball Kickers

Picture compliments of Colleen Pacana-Messner

Twin Valley Raiders Middle School Bseball team.
7th and 8th graders playing in their season opener at Exeter Township Middle School


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