Kyle’s Confidence Training – KCT

My confidence training will include clips of me overcoming what leaves me speechless, to start..


“Yo! I want you to chauffeur me around. Encourage softness. Tell me that you got me. Share that my moves interest you. Seeing and hearing you got dudes hitting on you, leaves me hopeless. I’m left thinking she’s got better options. All you had to do is tell me that you dreamt about me too.

I would give my left leg to feel comfortable texting you. It’s been that way since day one. Do not mind me recycling affection used to date. To tell ya the truth, I love the wait. If I can’t reach you when I’m comfy how do you think I’m going to feel putting my neck on the line expressing myself?

If I see you as out-of-bounds, I’m definitely going to reprioritize my energy-sharing to produce better results until you find me. I’ve been doing my job creating a life I can share with ya! I CURRENTLY hit the gym 3-5 days a week redefining my abilities and pectoral muscles.

I’ve BEEN in cocoon mode for years. I’m anticipating my queen helping me break out of the repetitious ups and downs. When I’m on one, flattery and admiration, intentionally seeing us tying the knot is my go-to. When I’m shy, scared or out of touch with my wants I erect walls. Me, pushing people away is a means of protecting my intentionally vulnerable heart. #facts

As far as I see it, I’ll get looked down on for looking up to people that vividly carry themselves well. Tell me the door is open! Invite me to meet your friends. Be clear, please. I can’t wait to get down on one knee.

Remember the roses I’ve sent you?

Try holding my hand, try telling me I’m allowed to care, try telling me you are interested in me. Please. ❤️🌸🏋️

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