Licking My Chops Currently!

Pumping My Fist, Vibe-ing in this morning!  Sit Up, Shoes On, Coffee Made, Breakfast Eaten. CHECK, CHECK, CHECK, CHECK-CHECK!


The path is GOLDEN!  On my Creative Writing Kick now, I almost feel like I’m about to erupt!
(AMBITION + ENTHUSIASM) WILL take you in the right direction!  Yes, I too notice the number of exclamation points in this morning’s text.

Sitting on the side of my bed this morning, I ingested LESS THAN HALF A SPARK, (Nothing in MY HOUSE goes to waste!) a full bottle of water and every ounce of energy, supplementation and vitality those fluids are made of.

I cut up my banana on a paper towel, managed to reach into the fridge while seated and transferred the milk to the counter

NOTE:  Don’t bother trying to finish off a gallon of milk if it’s obviously old.  I had to/ got to do my MEAL PREP twice this morning noticing the foul taste in my cold cereal and curdles in my cup of coffee!



Bending my knees while typing, I am wild!

Just this past weekend I got what I’m calling ANOTHER FULL ENDORSEMENT!

Check out the NICE WORDS Coach Ken Chertow shared!

To EARN the unwavering support of an Olympic Athlete, Nationally-known wrestling coach means a lot to me!

(9:45am – Just heard back from a trainer about hitting Bi’s and Tri’s together this afternoon!)

Tomorrow’s session with the trainer who works at the gym, BOBBY is already in the books.  I’m feeling strong this morning, wanting to assign tomorrow as CHEST, but I know LEGS ARE MORE CRUCIAL earlier in the week!

Own yours and COMMENT BELOW with your plan for the week!

(Yes, within the next day or two, I do plan on having my personal bag hanging!)

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  • Keep up the amazing work Kyle. You are inspiring and helping your old and new friends daily! IBK! Ken Chertow, U.S.. Olympian

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