Build That Name, Bro!

Should I even mention the speed I see myself moving at anymore?  “Heck, HERE I AM, ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICANE!”  Hahaha!  Bet, this life I’m living is adding up to more than I can even expect from the majors…

Anyways…  just this morning I reached out to a few new friends and reinforced what the latest are doing.
Check out a few of the latest posts on INSTAGRAM!
  Henry Winn looks like a total boss with that bar stacked with 45’s doesn’t he?  Hopefully E’sau Burciago will see what joining our team can and will add to his momentum too!


E’sau Burciaga


NOTE:  Travis Kauffman is a Champ.  He knows THE WORK PUT IN IS WHAT MAKES YOU A WINNER!

I’ll catch you runner-up’s soon.  I’m about to dive into a big bowl of Raisin Bran and knot my lines, get ready to head to Cornog Trout Club!  (


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