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Tonight, I am registered to participate in a poetry open mic.  Take a look, maybe you’d be interested in upping your sensitivity and empathy too.

I drafted a poem to share already, check it out!


You’re all in trouble now!  Capitalize that T!  My black gods and goddesses..  Thanks for welcoming me into your tribe!  I know I had a great hour and a half chatting about intellectual compassion last night!  The poetry on top of it was whipped cream to the sundae.  The cherry itself probably lies in the appropriateness and quality of this post from top to bottom! 

I am positively waking up in a great mood nearly 12 hours later.  I had an English muffin with peanut butter and butter on it before showering.  One coffee, one juice, I should be on my way to the gym soon.  I have absolutely stepped up my home workout routine this week, 4 sets of (60 biceps curls+60 shoulder presses+60 back extensions) on top of hurling myself out of the car, MORE bicep and tricep work and a cup of coffee sounds great today!!!!

“You cannot break down what can’t be broken!”  Empathy, it’s warranted.  Aligning my sights to open even more freedom in my writing makes sense.  “I’m NOT crazy!”  My hood up gets brushed off, but I understand that!”

See ^ on Poetizer at:

Just tell me to #pushharder!

Take notes on ALL 8 pages! Please!


  • Jeremi Holley

    Hallelujah. Just what the doctor ordered!

  • I think you’re a genius I think you’ve been born with more than the amount of normal genes I guess I’m stupid so I don’t know where you got that from probably from your father cuz he has an enormous amount of brains I love you Kyle

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