Listen Closely, Bee

This is our new home.  It’s safer and quiet here.  Please adapt.  Firstly, allow me to apologize for seeing our differences before seeing our mending hearts growing stronger together and complimenting each other, as one.  I DO want to express love towards you but it’s scary and taking our time there might serve us better.  I DO like you.  I’ll get there in time.  That’s okay with you, right?

Ant: “Using aliases used to be my go-to. That would make this little arrangement easier, but that’s silly. I’ll call you ‘b,’ and you can refer to me as ‘Ant.’ I’m a black, worker ant to be precise but that’s neither here nor there. I think this is going to be great for both of our developments.”

I’m going to “BEE” working on my excitement levels, confidence levels and doing what I can to remain in hiding while increasing stats.
I hope that’s okay with you. I AM open to suggestions and feedback.

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Listen “Bee,”
It is 4am, I am up way too early, the coffee is perking.  I am interested in you and showing you that again I’m back to sharpening my blade.  Until I see you again to clear the air, I will be working on practicing my “I love you’s.” 

If it dawns on me, next time we see each other, I’m going to plan to ask you if you love me FIRST.  If you avoid the question, I’ll probably stare blankly until you realize, “Oh, you were right.  Saying THAT is not super easy.”  If you say yes, I’ll probably still hesitate but want to kiss you.

“Bee-ing” in love with you is not the same as simply loving you.  And, “Bee…” I am IN LOVE with you.  You saying that you are IN LOVE with me first will make my job that much easier.  I ran some errands with dad and got a coffee and a doughnut.  I already ate the doughnut.  I’m nursing my coffee with the show Seinfeld on, in the background.  I like coffee with cream and caramel swirl. 

I dream of us waking up in the morning, side by side with the aroma of coffee filling our nostrils.  I can hear you complimenting my efforts from the night before.  I smile because you know I have no idea what I was doing.  You smile back and chirp, “Don’t worry, you’ll get better the more we practice.”
I smile again and close my eyes.

This next image is a button. Let’s keep reading then visit and check it out later. There are a bunch of pages full of cute poetry.

I scram, allow me to apologize, it’s because I’m not used to moving at lightspeed.
I don’t know who to ask questions to.  I have less than a clue.
I need this new potential broken down and spoonfed to me like I’m an infant.  You are all that I want, all I think about and my number one crush, yet am I going to feel supported whisking you off your feet in real life?  I FEEL like I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. 
I’ll give you the life you dream of if I am allowed to.  Making facts known is all I ask.  I don’t like assuming or guessing.  Thanks for your patience, babe.


Tell me I’m good enough for you.
Tell me you want me in your life.
Tell me to relax.
Tell me how to get in touch with you.
Tell me you have my back.

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