Team Building

TEAM TOOLKIT Team Building


Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.”    (BRICKS4KIDZ)










Visualizing or writing out, actually, your support system is where we are going to start.  Write your name at the top of a piece of paper and draw a circle around it.  You can even write out the word TEAM before your name if it helps and you left yourself enough room.  Make sure you have a bunch of scrap paper nearby for this is going to be a WORKING DRAFT.
–  Do not be afraid to make revisions and additions as your drafted list of supporters grows and becomes a more crucial part of your success.

Skip a few lines and write the names of those in your inner circle.  Family members and friends certainly belong here.  Direct Relatives even work here.
To start, let’s try listing two names directly under those names.  The more you can relate to or find similarities in motives, values and ideals with those listed, the better.

Written by Frigyes Karinthy, a Hungarian Playwright and author, and made popular by John Guare, The Six Degrees of Separation states that every person and everything in life is simply within reach by means of introduction.
(Feel free to study him more or that topic on your time)

The goal here is to add more and more legs to your model.  The more people you have in your corner the better right?  Hopefully, those directly under you can and will help you seek and find who of their contacts would be more than happy to support and “endorse” you in your journey.