The Golden Ticket

“”A Whole Notha’ Level” is exactly what I mean when you see me using HNL as a common acronym moving forward.  #FACTS

Yes!  My sweetheart poetry, elevated fits well into this reality so drop that attitude, Miss..  People p!ss me off a bit yet but I slide over homeplate letting their farmland farm team play games.. I’m doing business “MISS!”

In this week’s EDUCATIONAL post, I want to guide ya into a life of financial stability and ease.  I give hints all the time, if you listen!

Step 1:  Download kik in the app store.   Create an account, get comfortable addressing the masses.  Download Coinbase.  Contact me for referral link.

Step 2:  Earn and stack diamonds.  80 thousand diamonds equals $200.

Step 3:  Withdrawal and invest that money into crypto. 

Find guidance on (Sign up on the mailing list) or store those funds in USD and prepare to wait for better jumping in prices.

Following pages will be a collection of “appropriate” poetry composed to charm the influx of positive influences in my life these days!  Oorah!


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