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First cup of coffee finished by 5:45a, already out of bed.. awake by 4:58.  Get outta here if you think I’m slacking!  Just yesterday my therapeutic efforts on my own included a blank screen on my mobile device getting covered with hymnal, melodic verses, edgy lines and thoughtful reprise.  That felt good.

That, of course was after my 3 hour cognitive therapy session where I worked on my memory, recall, planning and budgeting.  I rested last night.  Don’t worry, I’ll be in the car waiting to leave by 4:30p this afternoon.

With every intention of sticking it out last night and getting to the gym, I brainstormed which muscle group I would target.  It turned out to be a heated comparison between tackling Chest AND Back and Shoulders, and Biceps, Triceps, bike and Forearms AGAIN.
Considerations included wear and tear, recovery time and which group would most critically affect my course of actions aimed at getting my body in the best condition it’s ever been.

Do not mind me scripting my flash in the pan to meet my expectations of myself and the pace at I operate at.  IT’S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO RECOVER IN MY BOOK!

Networking last night I did share the image and got around to introducing myself to this 19 year old kid.
Very casual.  I hope he follows through.  All I shared were my Instagram handle and this pic. @keechkyle

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