Kyle’s Confidence Training – KCT


Mary, forget the quotes,
60 minutes in the gym this morning included decent Bicep work and Chest work as mentioned in my notes last night..
I did not go all out, raging.  I kept a cool head and did 4 sets of 15 reps on Chest Press, Shoulder Press, Biceps Curls and Lat Pulldowns.  I’m still taking my time with those Shoulder Presses.  Weighted range of motion does count.
I holla’d at Jake from Statefarm on my way out.  Call in the medics. I’m feeling sore.

I’m happy to recall that all I gotta worry about is staying clean.  I’ve set these dominoes up to fall, one after another, perfectly.  I hope you and yours follow through and sign up on that mailing list.  This morning’s poetry was addressed to Miss Daisy.  I wouldn’t trade this runway I’m picking up speed on for anything in the world.  

I am typing this while LIVE on kik.  I hope half these cramps are legit people.  I get rid of  people that confuse me quick.  I think this lane is going to prove to be where we see my true potential moving at full speed.  Get ready to set up motion-detecting cameras to catch me moving in silence, bet. 
This oil change is helping me move faster and more powerfully than I have in months.  Call ‘em years.


Today’s Poetry and Post-Lift Report


Puki, I’m vibing on my own this morning.  I’ve got some 2000’s rap on beating while scripture lights up my way…  All until that hammer drops I’ll be fine doing me, bopping my head, popping my nine, shutting things down magnificently, criminal.
Talking smoothly gets the hairs on their ears jumping, shaking, making waves on the graphing synopsis of how my accuracy stays zeroed in.   I avoid getting latched on her titty, I call her mama, ma’am, Kelsy and Rose.  Check off the use of aliases off my list of to do hashmarks.  I’ll fight whales and tuna for a chance to tune ya.  It’s salty and saltine flavored, a square meal in your mouf.

Review 12:10 03/16/2022

I just got home and settled.  This morning I hit Legs at the gym.  I started w/ extensions.  Then straight to squats.  Had a bit of trouble dismounting off the first machine.  (It could have gone better).

To supplement slight disappointment there, I did a bunch of pulldowns on the lat pulldowns.  I’m about to nap now so I can be ready to head to the climbing gym at 4:00.