Kyle’s Confidence Training – KCT


Maybe, I’m like a baby bird.

Just yesterday, I found myself stating and likening my journey through my recovery and development to being “in cocoon mode.” MAYBE, I’m an adolescent bird trying to crack and break out of my protective shell. Wilder things HAVE run through my mind before, just hold on.

I can draw parallels between myself and a deer foraging for riper berries while feeding. It’s often a test. Think outside of the box! Skip rocks, juggle balls, stay on the, and walk down the left side of the hall.

Maybe, you’re getting frustrated trying to fit a square box into a circle hole. Learn to “Let Go.” Are you going to be a flounder and soak up sun or a salmon constantly battering your head against a dam dam?

Be a shapeshifter. Leaders’ plans constantly change and adapt. I need to learn this more. I’ve always felt stubbornness was a a great strength of mine. Perspective!

Dealing with obstructionists.. Forge that river in four wheel drive. Rev your engine “romping” over the ridges of crisis and stress, easier.
It might take years, stay the path. Find what boosts your confidence, sneak it into as many different aspects of life as you can. Just “try.”

Do not be so fragile you crumble like a leaf under pressure. Be the palm of your hand feeling the crunchiness and breaking of timid veins showing past-life. Consume mantras, embrace meditation, listen to mentors, learn from them. Be yourself.

This morning’s meditation focused on theta brain activity. That’s where you’re the most creative. That is the period of time right outside of sleep, the in between “grogginess.” Jim Kwik, a leader in brain sciences himself explains he suffered a head injury in his youth. I think I was double his age when mine struck me. He obviously kept pushing. He recounted what troubled him learning and growing. He then demonstrated how he mastered memorizing up to 12 numbers in a row. It is an interesting series he has on YouTube. I highly recommend studying what he has put together.
Yesterday, I felt good reaching out to some old friends. They were open and supportive of my latest confidence-building project. I’m still smiling wide about that. I’m on an open runway! I feel free to spread my wings and take flight!
Check it, y’all better keep up before I’m out of sight! My poetry is catching on too! Yesterday, I had TWO separate conversations with TWO separate individuals about my poetic brilliance and hopefulness seems to give them insights on how I keep pushing. That felt good! Eureka! I’d totally like to re-meet ya if assurance is plentiful both ways. Trays, fish fries, ketchup and horseradish sauce. Get lost in my influx of love being outpoured. Ask for or encourage me to request a seat at the table. I made you.

Here it goes with me intentionally avoiding using aliases.. You are a real person with real emotions and feelings. I’m gradually learning all that empathy has involved in it. I’m realizing that sitting back and waiting for a chance at bliss is not as humbling as it sounds to be.
I hemmed and hawed. I acted distant. Flowery language, nut sh!t. I’m deciding to ignore calls, and hit next on random hookups.
Say you liketh my grip on the mic and your heart. Let’s choke the engine and restart dialogue. It’s like a 5 alarm fire in my heart. Don’t be upset over getting burnt getting too close!
Tell ‘em, his magicball is failing. He’s stale and I’m now being called in to clean up his mess. See through my tendency to get arrested. I’ve done my best and they couldn’t handle it.
Poetics like cool jazz or Sinatra. Politics like a dumpster fire. I got found holding the mic and the matches. Stay smiling sweetie, I’ll refocus as many times as I want to.