Kyle’s Confidence Training – KCT

Dear “MARY,”
Get up gingerly next time you stand up.  Smell roses.  In this piece, I want to increase my comfortability speaking from the bottom of my heart again.
I’ve always wanted to front and tell ya that it’s been you I want walking down the aisle beside me.
My shyness comes in 10 pound bags and gags any and all attempts to be bold.  I turn cold when that shyness turns to fright.  I’ve always wanted to be a father.  I still do.  That gets these anchors holding me down to lift their eyebrows and voices.
Let’s tune them out in synchronicity, harpoon.  I’ll pull you through.  Do the same when I can’t find my way back to you.  I have many scars on my heart and I bend fields of view to include you all the time.
A hand to hold would be great.  Break me in like an old mit.  Don’t take half of what I say seriously when you can hear my teeth chattering.  I’m working relentlessly to show my heart, show that I’m doing what God wants.  I’d love to tell you I love you.  Will I get panned?  Will I?  Will beautiful sunsets be something we stare at together?  Will you please tell me to stop worrying?  Please.  Thanks for encouraging me to express what frightens me!

Yeah, “bae,”

 the room to breathe has been nice.
If you are still open to me filling those shoes, I’ll do everything in my power to flatter you.  I will write to you and compile beautiful poetry.  Compiling the mass emotions in me enough to sneak ‘em past the ushers has been draining.  It’s you I’m back to craving.

Tell me you want only me.  Trust that if I understand clearly, you’ll never be subject to anything but pure love, great intentions, warm hugs and blissful kisses ever again.  Thanks again for the room to stretch my legs.  I miss ya!