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Wow! Today is Sunday, March 13th 2022, day 6 of “living, growing and expressing myself stress-free.” I’m feeling good! Really, really good. Praise God! I kind of want to beat that dead horse and re-illustrate these are the results of sticking to “the process” I’ve been minding since day 1.
I used to call it “the” plan. “People” didn’t like that too much. They all wanted to get offended and read too deeply into wrong turns being made, falls, tails being ridden and traffic jams causing havoc. Good thing I brought the gas! I pass all these distractions and wave. Tell them I’m “goood” doing me and creating a life full of wonderful, extravagant trips for a Mrs. and I to look forward to, having a dozen kids and getting raided by the FBI as they look for the secret elixir.
Let me peek your interest “bae.” I don’t want to get your hopes up to only disappoint. I will need your input, effort and loving too! Ok!?
Taking life on as a team will allow potential to increase two-fold at least.
Finances are set, I’ll do the hunting and gathering, my wife will be busy loving, caring for and cherishing our litter. We will be retiring by 40 most likely. I hope and pray everyday things get explained to me so I know how to best serve, love and protect.

Part II.

It feels like a brand new day.  I wrote to you earlier today.  I showered, ate and I’ll be pumping those biceps in a bit, since.  I had a great breakfast, muffins, sausage gravy and some sort of Shepherd’s Pie.  I’m listening to “Where is the Love” by the Black Eyed Peas right now.  This week has been a total healing fest in my books.

Room to expand my chest, that’s what I’m attributing such success to.  I have 8:30 tomorrow morning set to be on my way to the gym.  Tuesday’s usual includes a 3 hour group meeting.  Wednesday I chat with my counselor.  I’m pretty excited to share these pages with her.  Her and I have been on the same page for a good while.  She notices and compliments my unique ways of making progress each time we talk.  Thursday, my therapist and I should be pushing the limits in the gym again.  Friday, chillin “maybe.”  That will probably be gym day number 3 this week.
Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves!  Monday, I’ll hit chest and biceps.  Thursday, Legs.  Friday, ,Triceps, back, shoulders and walking a mile!!

Have a great week, ma’am!  Reach out if you want some extra energy and support.  I am always here for you.  I’ll continue dreaming of hugging you tight, ok!?  Check in tomorrow!  Get your rest in, today!  See ya later!

Keep Pushing!!!

Yes “Mary,” I indeed repressed my longing for you back when. I had to. We worked together. The emotions present then are still wildly aflame in my heart. We’ve started conversing recently. We’ve sent maybe 3 or 4 dms each. I think that is the most, or longest give and take we’ve ever had. Love is a word I only use when I’m looking for trouble and blank stares it feels. I tend to hide my heart when I don’t feel safe. Try telling me that I’m safe to show you more attention please. ❤️🪧🍏