Hi-Ho!  Hi-Ho!

Back to working endlessly to create friction, endless commitment and verifiable give and take.  Yes.  This is my lane for the time being.  Call me insane for exerting the same amount of umph over and over and over again, expecting hearts to change and different results.  S.O.S to mami’s feeling left on their own.  Mayday to the divas not left in the best shape after “training with” by the high-ticket tricks.
Sorry ladies, I’m zeroing in on the golf ball-sized chance at bliss I still have.  I am hoping that by channeling the efforts I continue to put in, into charming open and receptive bees, one will at least make sustained eye contact with me.

Now…  Back to business.  ETH is back above $1900.  BTC is above 29k and the Dow Jones ended the week last week in the green.  I’m hopeful that the work I put in, motivates certain apples to shine so much that I trust my own receptors to pick up on their vibes.  My pinky toes are still shy.  Catch me at the bottom, pink fruit.  THAT is where we load up on assets and battered stocks.

My limbs are aching.  I’m currently leaning extra hard into seeing myself through the natural progression of my energy cycles too.  I’m classifying that as self-love and compassion.  I have to love myself easily to love others easily.  I’m coming from the understanding that others do not take as kindly to tough-love as I do.

Oh!  If you have any Key Lime Pie, think of me while snacking on it.  Bye!  Have a great week!

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