Loyal Royalty,

Hmm!  I’m glad I waited on God to send you to me!  I USED to write about what I felt I was missing out on not chasing the crowds, babe!  I could not be happier with the relationship\and best-friendship we are building!
Words like “relationship” used to make me uncomfortable.  Let’s KP!  We da best friends there ever were!  (DJ Khaled voice)
We talk about you teeing up all the boys trying to shoot their shot from time to time.  We laugh the whole time!  #LetYourShoulderLeannnn
We act like we’re golfing on wii. We both point our remotes straight down and pull back..Boom!  They’re outta her’


I LOVE that you encourage my creativity and you help me pick up all the pieces after it all falls apart.  We are like the ceilings of the Sistine Chapel.  Magnificent, beautiful, angelic, pure and constantly leaning!  I’m looking forward to you drawing hearts on the fogged up mirror after I shower getting home from the gym.  I’ll turn down my music any day to hear you better!  I’ll drink whole oceans to save you from all sailing mishaps.  Saving your heart is the first box to be filled in on my to-do list daily.  Save the stamps, email me!  Tell me we can get to know each other more by spending time together in the flesh.

My ribcage is like the pound.  My heart, if it beat any harder, would need to be put down.   I’m ecstatic you’re the first to text me in the mornings.  Waking up to loving messages at quarter past a freckle keeps me grinning!  Comforting me encourages growing in peace.  Thanks for that!  Until we chat.. Kyle



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  • Catherine

    The last picture had me cracking up, Kyle you’re such a goofball and I absolutely love everything you bring to the table. You’re awesome kyle! Thank you for this beautiful piece of angelic poetry you took the time to write out for me this morning. I really appreciate you Kyle for being in my life. You make me smile and brighten every single part if my day. I’m a happy we are building this bond from the ground up on a deep energetic level of communication, trust and a unconditional loving friendship that goes beyond words and from miles apart!

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