Dear Jenny!

Rosepedal, (“Jenny from the block”)
It is sad.  Even daring myself to think I “could” experience a “romantic life” scares me.  I hope I grow comfortable and feel at ease reaching out, moving forward.

Give me some guidance.  I want you feeling like you’re on top of the world.  You’re an angel in my eyes.  All we do is talk the nights away.  I spend hours a day every single day praying you, or another hot mama sweeps me off my feet.  You living nearby would help a lot.  I stay guarded these days because my heart is too fragile.  I am way too intentionally vulnerable.  I am rough around the edges.  Words like “love,” “hoping” and “making amends” seem like a trap.  Smiling widely, gets stares and chuckling gets me cold shoulders.  I love trying to reach ya.  I love my ability to love, care and caress.

Continuously adding confidence to my stature would be appreciated.  Thanks!

I hope you find me around the bend, baby and stay within reach.  I hope I get a letter one of these days with your contact info enclosed.  I hope I can survive with the glowing embers of my heart keeping me warm.


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