It’s meant to be!  I’m still aweing over the fact that you boldly tell me that you love me.  I’m never left guessing.  That makes our ascension much, much easier!
I’ve been anticipating such clarity for years and years and years, it feels like. 
It’s 9:50AM, I hustled to the gym to get a 5 minute set walking on the treadmill in this morning.  Nowww, I’m home and jotting down all the thoughts running through my head, 24/7.  Ok?

We are first in line!  From here until the end of time!  Our morning conversations taking place before 6A most days, suits me!  I’m usually waking up from dreams of us holding hands and exchanging Hershey Kisses.  I like the fact that I somehow feel stronger knowing I got a fish on the hook.  Tension?  Forget looking too deeply into things you don’t understand, not having them explained to you yet, is what I tell myself to calm my nerves.  I feel your hand in mine even though it’s more often than not just a bunch of grabbed sheets.

Today’s sets reminded me I still have room to grow and get stronger yet.  I’m thanking God for that!  Realize that writing you, “Moon” is the first thing on my priority list daily.
I love using sharpness to describe our love formula.  MC squared equals energy and that’s love!  MY CREATIVITY is a sturdier foundation than cinder blocks spread out equally.
I’m bopping my head just hearing a tune and fessing up to the love I feel.  When I’m not feeling steel-strong, remind me that I’m Kong in your eyes, honey bee.  Change your outfit, I’ll call you by a different surname.  I’ll change the aliases I’ve already used to revolve around you from now on.
Do you like coffee and or caramel?  Our skin tones mixing to create baby X will have you thinking we must be a Reece’s Peanut Butter Cup.  I’ll look forward to writing to you after horsecart training this afternoon, ok!?

Rest up.  We got business to take care of tonight!
Love, Kyle!

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  • Omg this is so beautiful but then again you’re beautiful and handsome and charming and intelligent and Rich I love you

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