Good Morning Entrepreneurs

Good Morning Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs, hi.  Go-getters, welcome!  Investors, market watchers and anyone else interested in self-discipline, financial security, providing for their families and independence, hone in and listen.
I am glad you’re here.  This is our second episode of Good morning entrepreneurs.  Be careful of who you dedicate your time to.  We are not promising fortunes or much of anything else either.  We are dedicated to delivering our take on what we are doing to sustain remarkable foundations.  Yesterday, we had some success sharing information with even more individuals about the positives of embracing able accounts and working around preset limits on your ability to save.
Today, let’s consider the layers of security we find advantageous.  We hope to be helpful in easing tensions and concerns as it relates to having money in the bank, money to pay bills and your money making money.
In our books, we have 4 money accounts.  Our bank/ savings/ debit account is what we rely on to actually pay for goods and services.  That is layer one.  Layer two is our able savings account.  Having that account open is a good place to stash money for certain tax incentives are in place with its use.  Layer three is an investment account.  That’s our cryptocurrency holdings and investments.  Layer three should remain undisturbed, and growing as much as possible.  Budgeting your expenses well, should limit monthly expenditures to layer one.  Layer two is a backup if any unexpected expenses or surprises arise.  That crypto account is registered with Coinbase.
Layer 4 is our stock account.

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Purchase 10 shares of GFAI using saved up dividends

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