Second Wind


Dear Barclays Bank US,
Guidelines I found online referring to you Small Business Big Wins writing prompt hint to you searching for the most incredible, rewarding, challenging and liberating business ownership testament you can find.  If it’s strictly about payoffs and profits, I may not be your dish of candy. 
My success story is still being made.  That is what I want to stress here.  My success. More or less is the process involved in building back better.  Profits are great but if you hate how you make, or come across those jewels, you’re better off without aren’t you?  That stress is a killjoy.  Watch it, or else you’ll end-up sacrificing your health, your joy, your time and your mind.  Celebrate small wins.

I am still learning to enjoy the process, too.  I come from an average upbringing.  At a young age, I was set apart from the rat race.  At age 13, I was in a motor vehicle accident which still affects me today.  I’m in the recovery business.  Some 20 years later, I’m still working tirelessly on getting stronger, learning how to walk better and breathing through speaking slowly enough that the majority in the room can comprehend what I am saying well enough to explain it to the others in the room.

Producing results and sharing them as brilliantly as I can oftentimes produces a shining light, hope and a role-model status.  My work day often begins with nourishing my body to take advantage of microtears in my muscles, hydrating myself the best that I can, doing some free writing and hustling through multiple sets of 10 reps on 5 or 6 exercises.  I get some cardio in, hitting the bag too.  After 3 or 4 hours of “contact sports,” I rest.  That I’m learning is just as important as the wear and tear.

I do refer to and take advantage of proteins and vitamins that I sell to harbor such gains in too, but that’s in my back pocket

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