My God-Given Tiger Eye

Embrace Grace, even living the rat-race.
Trade hardships for bars.  Stay locked up by choice.  Empathize with anyone looking to distract ya.  Tend to trend with upward momentum.  Mend being broken and breaks in your own heart with plaster.  Send your best and keep it moving.  Be a version of yourself they’ll be jealous of and hate losing.
Choose comprehension, communication, advocacy and all the other things you read about in Mrs. Digest.   Hold the line.  Tell ‘em mutual risk is not only me moving at your speed.
It’s full of you asking questions to learn about my insecurities too.  It’s waiting patiently when you see me out with windpipes.  It’s offering to meet me out on the town and  walk me home safely without boys waiting, and you rushing.
My contact not being your go-to blows for you.  I’ll stay home any day of the week, if you show up and say you’ll stay too.
I’ll make waves as I lay down, nose underwater and inhale through my nostrils,  Caught me down on my luck

Some days I brush my nightmares off, some days I crave the way certain obstacle courses demanded more of me so I can prove the progress I’ve made in silo mode.

Don’t waste your time pouncing around on mice.  Don’t think twice about conserving your energy.  Give them a door frame that makes passage easy.  Tell them to call or text just once.
Say thanks!

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