Second Wind

Skeletal Body,
You are the ashtray.  I am the gust of wind coming to rid you of burnt up the excuses, damned narratives and poor choices of your past.  You will learn to move obstruction-free starting… Now!

Today, let’s start upstairs.  Staying stuck, and continuing to provide thoughts, patterns and hiccups of your past energy is called dwelling.  Compartmentalize lessons, sure.  Use them to move forward more efficiently, learn from mistakes.  Allowing those buggers to climb the webs you make up in your mind does no one any good.  Being overly-considerate of tar and mud is not adding to anybody’s success.  It’s draining you of all intellectual inertia, steadfastness and discipline.  STOP WASTING those building blocks.  Pick up your feet!

Build a fire if it helps.  Get that bish roaring.  Dance around it, singing and chanting.  Tell that dainty little flower that your interests revolve around continuing to push.  You will keep pushing no matter what.  Kindling, let the wasted pages of your diary logging mental and mindful struggles be kindling.  That’s it.  Blow on them for a moment, and let them go.  Your fire is sparked and running from cinder to cinder, those nagging frustrations cannot get away soon enough.

Rub your hands together, let them face the fire and warm up.  Absorb that heat, use it to get the blood flowing effortlessly.  Make today the day.  The day you choose progress and forward momentum over backstepping, humming and hawing.

Finding a healthy physical activity to continue growing through will be the cherry on top.  For me, it might not be running miles at a time or minding my own posing like an ever-giving tree figuring out yoga but it is going to be throwing my metaphorically limp body at sparkling lights, I’m resonating with bodybuilding, squatting, powerlifting and kicking my own ass, physically.

I will fuel this body better.  I will create more room for rest.  I will affirm the good things that I want in my life, into my life.  I will focus on hydrating better.  Bigger lifts, better form, bolder business, intercepting the ball flawlessly.  I am choosing which way to run.  I am deciding to embrace courage, confidence and clarity with every step I take.  STAY ON THIS PATH!

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