Scratch My Back..

Come onn, “Baloo,” “Amber,” “Mary,” “Catiee,” and “Jessie,” give me that TLC you’ve been dying to express!  The drawbridges here in my life are going up.  I want to grab your hand, save ya from disaster and pull you home with me!  I’ma need you to carry me back if my legs tire.  Be ready to swoop in.  
I’ve been carrying entire empires on my back, it feels like.  I’m less afraid but I use that feeling to produce unending journeys.  I’ve wanted to walk down an aisle with You since day one!  I rested easier knowing I explained the potential I saw in my writing more than once.  All I gotta do moving forward is wait for you to explain to me calmly that you have been putting the effort to listen in.  Go on, dissect 10+ years of output.  I’ve been trying to send smoke signals that Big Huck could have deciphered the whole time.
Shhh!  Tell me to relax.  Tell me you got everything and I “don’t need to worry about it.”  Bouquets of roses, chocolates, random acts of kindness.  “Sarah,” you dove..  Shove your way to the front of the pack.  These heathens need taught a lesson.  Tell ‘em to flip their hair.  “Niki,” elaborate on the use of open communication to draw horizons wider.
Hasty rules only applying to me is bull.  Most of my potential loves end up working for me because they care.  That brings Tommy Gunn and the rest of these raptors out for blood into the picture and I end up suffering because I get scared one wrong move will leave me even more impaired. 
I end up locking the doors and windows, turning the lights off and hiding under my bed.  I avoid words like “love,” “I’m more committed than..” and “yes, I’d love to be just friends.”
Tell “Snickerdoodle” to park up and flicker her lights to the tune of her heart singing and pleading.  Tell her yelling is hardly welcomed here.  I’m already covering my ears.  Tell her to look in my eyes and wink or purse her lips.    Tell her to strap me down like Frankenstein.  I don’t want to escape what I’ve been praying for daily.  It’s frightening when you rely on dead ends telling you stop expressing love to everyone like God instructs me to.

I’m a perfectly packaged prize and the lies I hear from those “looking out for my best interest” leave me wanting to ask questions.  I’m left between a rock and a hard place.  Put it all on the line or wait til she possibly tells you how she feels…  Hmmm!
Paint me a picture of our names on a heart shaped blimp.  Cut off those whiny little boys who think the deserve flattered too.  Help me get back on my knees and practicing my Shakespeare.  “Mama,” love me harder, more obviously and louder.  Screech your tires pulling up.  Let me shower, I’ll be on that outback romping and riling sweetness while you drive. 

Whip cream covered strawberries might taste good.  Bring a box over and lock the doors, shut the curtains and take charge, “ma’am!”

We’ve seen my lack of follow through, my initiation and my craziness.  Read in between those lines like bars on my cell.  Show me how things are done.  Tell me your hopes match mine.  Tell me I’m fine wanting more!  Kick my radar system until it locks in on you, “Pluto.”

I’ll lead the pack if you come, along!  Write your passions in a legal document I can save in a bank even if it’s only in my heart.  I’m waiting for you to write the ending to our song.  I want to play pong, or Sega, or earn a knightship playing along to my daughters renaissance.
I’m still over here, in mount pleasant kissing my pillow goodnight.  I want you to “come on down” like the price is right.  Turn on the jams and mellow out.  Suggest holding hands, tell me your heart’s beating harder than ever every time we’re in the same room.  Mmhmm, thanks!

– KyleKeech

“This chick and I” would have most-likely dated if workplace romance wasn’t so taboo (IN MY HEAD!).
She helped me manage my schoolwork in college.

name is Mary.
Let’s just say I fancied her and rumors echoed she had mutual feelings.

“This chick and I” met on kik, we are seeing where things go.  We have tentative plans to meet in person in the near future.
Her name is Amber.

“This chick and I” met on kik, we hope to become business partners in the future.
Her name is Catiee
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