Scratch My Back..

For this illustration, I will refer to you as a giant snake able to devour huge mice, weak men and ample resistance.  I caught myself in the mirror this morning.  From the right angle, my pecs look ginormous.  I have not attempted to bounce them in years.  I hardly want any difficulties to hinder my flight on cloud 9.
You’re so lucky to not have any toes to worry about jamming as you slither from my mind to the shower, to my room to get dressed, like me.  How does it feel to know you’re running laps around beef scallopini?  Huh!?  Does it feel good to shed your skin weekly?  Is there friction apparent?  Do the mice gather to try to army up and hit ya from the flank?
These are the questions I ponder.  I’m a loose cannon, baby.  I would not trade the grin on my face for anything.  It’s a permanent fixture.  I’ll look forward to you fixing dinner in my kitchen. 
I woke up drafting from the point of view of two whole Reese’s cups.  I was picturing you needing to unhinge your jaw to fit me in whole!     I know I love the lasting taste those cups leave in my mouth.  I’m looking forward to smiling like you, ms. Snake!  I want to take charge in the bedroom and discard any inactive players.  I’ll roll to the shower on my own, rest up.  Keep the warm good morning wishes coming, honey!
I feel safe complimenting and fantasizing about you constricting the windpipes of our foe.  Tribal people interfering with what WE call love is unjust!  I trust you’re swooning at the thoughts of us mooning the cops.  We will be a tough cookie to crumble, lock to bust.  Saying hi and touching base once, twice, three times every 72 hours is more than enough.  Keep me in your duffle babe, stay faithful and slow down your jiving.  I want to express love and affection for a living.  I want you giving me and only me exclusive access to the Benz.
Thinking about you, writing and expressing myself more fully is a growing trend.  Hitting send on that initial text each morning is still a speed bump I slow down to get over. 
I’m already wanting YOU to comment on my posts and light up that section!  Forget these zookeepers not signing off on inspection.  We’re in a jungle babe!  Let’s stay hidden and camoed and hope they never even lift a finger aka stay stagnant.  Let’s KP!  Baby!

Love coming from your favorite piece of candy,
Kyle KP Keech!  Aka Reese

My Future Steps SHOULD be baby steps, don’t you think lovebug?  I indeed get the jitters just thinking there COULD be a future for us.  I may move slower at sensitive times but I’m scared.  I’d love a steady hand to hold.  I explained that this morning and that I’m putting work in, seeking counsel.  It’s a procedural set of steps just getting out of bed for me.

As of now, most of the conversations I have are with myself and in my head.  I’m feeling relieved I have such an easy-going tenant in my heart to belay these strings.  I have Hope again.  Will you catch me if I ever stumble, missy?  The following collection of works ought to be similar but more explosive than all my past momentous actions.  Let’s hope for the best.

Sending me good morning texts is noted.  You’re already ahead of the rest.  Let’s recognize adding all our efforts together will leave their jaws hanging open.  I want to focus, call in the locusts and plague the newspapers with constant DOB announcements.  

Locked and loaded is all I want to be.  I want to wait on ya with the car running too.  I love anticipating the goodnight text I may never get.  I currently remind myself to be easier on myself.  A stat worth filling you in on, would be waking up easier and pushing through less complicated mornings, 1 has been happening since we started talking.


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