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Yea, man.. Let’s get it!  Let’s gather coordinates and drop heat on these lambchop serving damsels!  Consider your opponents, beat!  Never take opposers lightly.  Explain to them that taking a number will help you complete your list of objectives more efficiently.

As discussed, our next goal is to have you rolling around in and swimming in mountains of cash.  (Money getting should be at the bottom of that pyramid!  Let those resources enable you to do greater, Godly things!)  3 new bank accounts will help you out, you sly dawg.  Ask about them later.  Meet me on kik by 9a and give yourself a chance.  Stack those diamonds!  Convert’em all into direct payouts.  Save that loot and wait for Eth and Btc to dip below 1k and 20k respectively.  Generational wealth, homie! 

As we speak, I’m doing my best to hold out until Eth hits $300 again.  I’ve shared those referral links!  HMU directly to get them hand-delivered again!  Mindset:  Get comfortable cashing out of kik then scoop up assets, kick back and never stress out over funds ever again!  Investing strictly those funds should deplete fears of losing hard-earned money.  Not worrying about income creates a lot of room in my head to zoom here and there.  Stay hustling, surely.  Stay busy!  Coin these efforts as retirement-oriented. 
I’ve seen Eth reach 4k+.  Grab a bunch at $400, 10x your money in the next bull cycle.  Bear markets are for accumulating.
Coin/crypto fluctuates in cycles.  Look into that on your own.  Diamond hands often hold for life to know they have assets they can dip into if needed.  Paper hands are shaky and overreact to speculation.  Don’ty blow away in the wind.  Stay grounded, the coins are like plots of land.  You wouldn’t sell them when markets are down.  Ideally, you’d hold them to get the most you can for your investment.  

  •  Download kik in the app store.
  •  Stack diamonds and cash out.
  • Wait patiently for better price points, load up on assets.
  • Download the TD Ameritrade app, latch on to, and pick up some dividend paying stocks.

5 doable steps to reach financial independence!  If I can do it… you can too!  I’m rooting for you!  Anticipate decreasing values and prices!  That’s your best buy in times.

Stop stressing yourself out about bringing more in.  Concentrate on markets, diversifying and managing assets.  1

PS.  Reach out for more info on savings, safe working capital accounts and more.

Indeed, share this info with friends and family, get your whole crew ahead!  Sign up on that mailing list too!  Thanks!

– KyleKeech

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