Second Wind

Be Willing To DESTROY ANYTHING In Your Life That Isn’t EXCELLENT

It hit me again yesterday that 95% of the stress I encounter is directly a result of having too many possibilities, opportunities and objectives on my plate. This is a perfect example and illustration of why zeroing in, focusing and moving forward IN MY LANE, cutting out distractions is such a powerful tool for me.

Dear Chaos,
Thank you.  Thank you for letting me find you when I sought comfort.  Now, I know I gotta get my own.  Sitting on my hands and waiting would have you fully armored, cocked and loaded, pointing at my temples while I try to rest.  Creeping up on you gives me the upper hand and advantage.  I get to plan my ups and downs, my next move and how I’m going to utilize, and react to any rejection.  These bullets are flying, bouncing off my chest making me look good in my own head.

I tend to express myself genuinely, often prematurely.  That gets others angry.  #HATERS
Shoulders constantly brushed!  I wave tata to obstructionists like it’s my full time job.
I’m seeking God’s abundance, love and heart, I’m smart.  No drama, no guessing games, no jumping through hoops to only hear about it later.  I often feel like Mr. Olympia.


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