Proactive Planning 3/31

“11:30 Sunday morning is the perfect time to start drafting this week’s post…”

First, my schedule this week will include 6 hours of cognitive rehabilitation therapy, 60-120 minutes of rock climbing and hopefully at least 2-3 hour long gym sessions!

Secondly, and thirdly for that matter I’d love to mention my latest ambitions again.
Feel free to really start looking to AND SHARING the fresher Meal Prep for Muscle Growth page to see what has me super excited. (

I’m going to be preparing the first batch of KYLE’S PROTEIN BALLS this Tuesday during therapy.

I’d really like to acknowledge the fact that this past Thursday evening after the nights physical activity, I quickly jotted down how I thought this week could go.

NOTE:  Dad and I were planning on spending the evening fishing instead of the gym tomorrow (Monday), we’ll see how I’m feeling though..  My nose is RUNNING FASTER THAN OLYMPIC ATHLETES!

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