Cherry On Top:

Beats on ✅, praise plentiful. Check. 

OUR MOMENTUM is on deck!  Yes, this AM, I took my morning vitamins too closely together in some peoples heads. Shoulders cleansed. Hear me gallop towards that mile marker.  Independently, I stacked the deck with more physical activity. I primed the meats. I upgraded my intake, my output, the caliber of it all and I’m just now getting ready to ball. Coffee, Probiotic, factor4, cereal, shower, red October tee, sit to stands, front presses, curls. Those laps and incline presses will be done with within 60. 

Do more with less.  14 days ago, to the best of my recollection.. I pushed to failure standing and took a mighty spill. Whoops!  I #gotupstrongerandmoreintelligent.  I swear my life has been rocketing straight up since then. I made the decision to stop dwelling over missteps and replace those hours a day and week with more than enough strength building. I technically only got through the eval with that so far but life-changing is a start. 

My walker is lower, I’m standing closer to the frame and I’m standing straighter. I’m looking forward to bed rest while I’m in bed. The personal investment is personal now.  Fall down, get up stronger, more intelligent, more accountable and resilient.  Avoid drama.  Focus. Make strides and prove to doubters they should worry less and choose their battles. 

Leave the door unlocked, sure. Get back to flexing.  Lift powerfully. Tease to your staying power. If it’s not moving with you, let go. 

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