Hi Friend,

Is it ok I call you “MY” “SPECIAL” friend?  I’m sorry past hesitations caused me to go into self-protection mode.  Things going too well, and bump-free wreaks havoc more or less in my head sometimes.  I’ve practiced complimenting individuals and flattery a bunch!  I guess being on the receiving end of that gossip needs to be practiced a bit more!
I was under the impression being caught sneaking a peek would get me scalped.
I use the radiating energy to keep me going to this day!  I hope someone desirable, cute and funny explains things to me. 
Someone telling me to fallback would be an awesome thing to hear.  I’m too used to being fed bananas in a monkey suit and cage.  I’m used to living under higher standards.  I probably expect too much guidance and open communication but I had a queen tutoring me on how to be Prince Charming.  I over-delivered, then jokers and executionists got in my way.  Angry moms screamed.
She vacated the scene.  I acted mean, and decided to focus on getting stronger and green.


I feel good again yea, but I’m peering through my window daily looking for my queen to replenish my non-beating heart.
At this point, I’ve got anywhere between 1-5 scouts out keeping their eyes peeled.  My door has not moved at all.  I got compliments on yesterday’s poetry so I feel somewhat at ease addressing thee.  – Blushes! 

I miss you, babe!  I crave room to breathe, another mug of coffee and paying staff to clean up the messes we leave.  I shy away from using names because the cops passing my house alone, has me double breathing in.
Lock the doors, b!  This dude “Beast” is lurking thinking he has fists that’ll leave an imprint on my face.  Lace the kool-aid he’s drinking.  Dusting my hands never being seen as a reason to pause until now does not surprize me. 

I’ve let up on the dwelling.  I’ve added my creativity, delivered babies, traded barbs and sharpened my sword on all these opposers, folding.   –  Kyle

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