Listen, Moose!! (Code of Conduct Guidelines)

“OK!”  “I AM happy to be here!  Anybody else!?”
….  “I CAN’T hear you!”

“Are we not working as one yet?”  “Let me hear those grunts in unison, maggots!”
I sincerely hope nobody lets their foot off the gas without explaining things to me, clearly first!
“That goes for you, you, and you, honey!”

We do not get offended easily here, ok!?  There is the door, if at any time you feel like you do not want to benefit from this team effort.  Last I heard, your A.D (Athletic Director) likes to worry about my conduct, drilling you.

“Sorry Ma’am!”  “Now, if I do not have permission slips from each of you to enter the gauntlet, the whole team is going to suffer!”  “Getting that to me before any horseplay and hootenanny is 100% your responsibility.”  “I am looking forward to upping your game and output statistics.  You should all have my personal email, cell number and contact information to give to your parents.”
If something is on your mind, you should reach out.  I am not a mind reader.  Jersey size, practice hours, input that you feel would help us all, anything like that, I want that in writing.  Texting even nowadays, is acceptable.  “I’ll see you at practice!”

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