Soft Soul,

Tell me your mind wanders too.  Tell me I’m not alone, mahn.  It’s a mere 46 degrees at my house this morning.  Fog the glass panes on my door and draw two hearts reaching for each other, please.  Initials under each heart might help too (ME, &U).

Today is New Years Eve.  I’ll be in the city tonight!  I’m actually a bit more excited about the page I started yesterday than any hooting and hollering that may take place tonight. 

I chatted with my counselor on Wednesday this week and hit the gym 3 times.  That page, is similar to most of my work, but organizes it nicely and acts to settle uneasy readers by being mindful of their word choice apprehension.

I wish we could say cheers to some bubbly in tall glasses, on our own sitting on the bear rug comforter in my room before getting close tonight.. 🙂    Oh well!  I’ll have to save that for REM tonight.  Even seeing you in my dreams gets me looking over my shoulder, still.  Hold my hand tonight.  I want to grow more comfortable with the idea of closeness.  Thanks for listening.

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