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Yes.. Listen, a simple hand-waving gesture will amount to an encyclopedia full of hints, cheat codes and sneaks for me. Wave me in, make eye contact, relay that I’m not alone wanting the best for each of us. Aligning our soul’s ascension will impact both our futures, presents and tied up missed signals in the past, ok!?  Mouth MY name. Stumble over both K’s. Verbally acknowledge feelings match, give me an extra spool of yarn to tie us together with. I-want-to-reside-in a cell with you. Try taping yourself reading this quote out loud.
Bolster my confidence. THEN we can renew similar gym memberships at the same gym, meet up on the low, wine, dine, build a familia and grow our joint bank account. Let’s reinvest ourselves in our staying power at the top. Wink, nudge, stare at. Communicate, tell me we should date, sign our fate, arrive early, not late.

– Kyle

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