Green, Leafy Star,



I do want you close in proximity.  I have stood on my tippy toes the best I can trying to reach you.  I’ve thrown rocks at the metaphorical panes encasing your grandeur.  I pray you won’t leave me wandering.  I have seen visions of us rolling around in green pastures having tickle fights.  Am I alone there?  Do you see me at all when my name pounds on you eardrums?  Am I too late?  Have you found a substitute worthy of finishing your book without me?


I want to hear you laugh, see you smirk, know that our hopes closely align.  I don’t want to be left assuming.  I want verbal confirmations that our lust for life and partnership richeshays the hollow graveyards we feel in our chests.  Is that asking too much?  Will you tell me that I’m safe and will be welcomed to overstay my welcome?

Just describe me when painting eager minds asking you who you’d rather have by your side.  Hint to a gentleman full of cozy gestures, poetry, love, affection and similar aspirations.  I want to create a family.  I want to overachieve.  I want to support a gang ready to fill my heart with love.


This week’s therapy schedules kicks off tonight with Leg Day at the gym


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