Be Proactive This Week!

Pray first, it is Sunday.



Getting things off my chest has become easier these past few weeks. Today I want to rid my head of feeling bad about certain situations. For starters, I do want to be your BEST friend. I’m not the best at appropriately handling myself socially.

(Don’t worry, I’m working on it)


More importantly, I want everyone to understand I’m always aiming to sharpen your spear. It’s mutual. I hope. That is going to involve me doing everything I can to throw shade at, oppose and expose both of our weaknesses.

Criticism is exactly the word I want to use here. Believe me, people I don’t care about, do not get that energy. The word criticize does not sound supportive at all. Just imagine being in the gym and working out with my trainee and I. You really think I’m there whispering sweet nothings into his ear to get him to move faster? No.

I yell relentlessly. “PUSH!” “HARDER!” I am a coach and I fill that position quite well, I feel.

I HOPE this disclaimer, again brings tears to your eyes rethinking everything and realizing I’ve always wanted what’s best for you, I’ve always been on my knees pushing you forward and I’ve always, always been your biggest fan.

Smile this week. You’ve got this!

(I hope you start showing those you want to follow through that you’re open and ready to reciprocate!)


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