Cancel Culture, Snitches


Ok, so yesterday I had one of the best in-person meetings of my life. Today, I woke up upset again recalling the doubt and shade thrown at me from the ignorant last evening. Their doubt in me is responsible for at least 95% of my insecurities. Trust me. That’s true.

Mom/Jackie, I am talking about you. You think I don’t know what’s going on? I’m in the driver’s seat more now than ever! Turning the coffee on was number 1 (after prayer of course!) on my list this morning. Maybe you should learn to “LET IT GO” first today! Y’all need therapy just as much if not more than I do. Can’t you see me doing the backstroke through this lava? I’ve never had more going for me, been as in control of my own life, risen the bar (on myself) so much, followed through as much or any of that until now. Do you two not read the scriptures and notes taped to my walls daily?

You’re  darn right, I was glowing hearing my CC rave about my progress. That felt nice.
Don’t sweat it though, your distrust gets let go every day. Thanks!

AND, you wonder why I resort to saying I don’t trust people.
I have a hard time trusting you are not prejudging outcomes, successes and trials.

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