Fragile Bean,

I want to plant you, nurture you and watch you grow. I wish I knew how to better spur growth and development without burying you in sh!t. I will do my best to shield you from wicked winds, digging dogs and berry-picking birds. I will certainly look a-fool assuming the role of scarecrow, dog catcher and greenhouse all at once. Act as a compass, my hope-filled, horsefly-sized button.

Birds chirping may serenade roots taking hold. May those roots latch on ever-so-tightly to anticipate storms and tornadoes only ever bringing you needed hydration during summer months and tears dry as you hold on for dear life. That’s what I want for you, a safe environment and supportive habitat. May warmer horizons appear continuously.

Forgive me if my shyness ever trips us up running towards a life of independence and comfort in each other’s embrace.


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