Let’s T.A.W.c.

It’s a work in progress bro. You’re a work in progress bro…

Wait.. you mean to tell me your whole company can and does read all “private” emails between a therapist and his/ or her clients openly but none of you can click on and read publicly broadcasted, billboard sized notices addressed to all who care?
I’m not picking arguments. I’m not even looking for a response. I’d just like to re-affirm a few things.
I am so sorry I got so invested in my success that I did everything in my power to amplify results. I’m sorry you like to keep those who matter in the dark. I’m sorry I’m sounding defensive. I’m sorry to the ladies who helped me realize I have even less control over my own life than I thought.  They are genuine. (I’m thinking that’s probably the only nicety I’m allowed to offer citing the tantrums). I’m sorry I’m coming across as somebody who sounds like he is seeking sympathy.
Your crew taught me all about empathy. Try living by the lessons you teach. Put yourself in my shoes. Just try.

I am the one of if not the strongest willed person  I know. I do it for myself which hurts me a bit but I also do it for those who cheer me on more.

If that includes you, welcome. Can you believe after everything you do to go out of your way to build others up, some like to nitpick and get uncomfortable sitting on the sidelines?

Don’t worry. I know I won’t get a response but knowing everybody on your team has ironically been there for the exact same 10 years, i feel it would help you to know not everybody is as tough as me.

More words that some will probably ignore..  “I’m scared.”  “I really wish individuals with such high favor would see/ would have seen that I feel/ felt more comfortable sharing my honest emotions with them at least.”
Reading past entries you learn I have and I do bite my tongue expressing myself to avoid penalties.  “Take care, Champ!”  #onelove

“Vulnerability shows LOVE, RIIIIIGHT?

id much rather be disliked for being as honest as I can be than liked for being fake  


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