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Take it from me, please…  the path I see before me is filled with rainy days, upset women and thunder rolling through the hills and valleys indefinitely.  This week’s post may hint itself to free-writing at its best, in it’s doldrums or as I’m choosing it to be, a long collection of incomplete thoughts and an unfinished play on words.
My head is still high, don’t you worry!  (Intro to 3 Doors Down, playing now)  “If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?”  (Takes a sip of coffee…)  TODAY’S LIST looks a bit skimpy to be honest with you.

What I can tell you is, I do have yet another session at the horse-barn today.  I drive horses if you didn’t know already.  My first allotment of sessions, this year should be winding up soon if not today.  The scowl you might be picturing on my face has little to do with equestrian therapy ending soon though!

Ha, thinking I’m pouting.. Yea, I hear the rain drizzling.  You can bet my set plans to spend a few hours outside manning my Protein Stand doesn’t look too likely as of right now.  I AM calling that on account of inclement weather.  I can not control everything in life.  Correction, my water, protein and Muscle Shake Stand!!

Ohhh, I had a great weekend.  Currently, I’m not blaming myself for not performing my best yesterday.  It was a long weekend, Saturday, we celebrated my Grandmother’s birthday.  That went smoothly.  (We ate outside at my house, so that took care of us finally getting the table moved to where I needed it to facilitate my next move!).  THAT WAS AFTER BACK AND SHOULDERS EARLIER IN THE DAY, OF COURSE!

I went BOATING yesterday!  <just saying that makes me feel like Richey Rich!  It did rain so we made moves and led the pack of miniature vessels to bunker under a bridge.  It wasn’t exactly like Follow The Leader, but close enough!

The Meat of today’s post:
I really wanted to AGAIN (😊) drive in the fact that free-writing is a great way to incite what really excites you in your writi
ng.  There’s another “cop-out” erased from the playbook!  Me, delivering such authoritative statements, who would have thought!?
Break down your tasks into subtasks and sub-subtasks.  Jot down each as you do them.  Develop your mind to start focusing on and planning those sub-tasks.  You need to focus to get better at anything.  Take your time.  You are not hurting anyone except yourself when you half-ass such tasks.

P.S – I want to acknowledge, validate and make the most of remembering I wanted to tell you I am not writing this in my usual “working environment.” I am sitting straight up in a kitchen chair, with my knees bent at a 90, IN MY ROOM!   #stayactive

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