Yet To Fret!

Yep, diminishing returns suck.  Trainers unavailable when you need a spot, rub you the wrong way.  An empty coffee pot, more often than not leaves you breathing fire.  Heck, I’ma never leave your kickstand propped and you leaning!  We don’t exist as mere mortals!

Around here, we embrace the ugliest looks ever identified.  We know that stumps realize they’re not alone causing meters to trip.  We aren’t afraid to ride without armrests.  “On to the next one!”  Stop accepting being named “runner up.”  Stroke more tally marks in your win column starting today by reading this post.  Most importantly, the three points listed below ought to be noted in today’s journal entry!  NOTE:  The newer, fresher, more aesthetically pleasing, is up, LIVE and active.  Bookmark it at www.KyleKeech,com!

Make sure you are already signed up on that mailing list.  Go ahead, try double checking by finding that area on my new site and entering your email address again.  Next, unravel or lay down the walls guarding your heart.  Become supple.  Suck on that binky if it’s helping you ignore the blistering effects crouching in the squatting position has on your knees.  Reinforce the seams on the doors with bolt locks and diagonal screws.  Protect the temple.  Brush off the heat you get and scratch off labels they tried to stick on you. 

Stay in your lane and erect 2 fingers looking like a peace sign.  Don’t worry, the rear facing side of your shirt already reads “GET IN LINE.”

As noted, put checking out the 4-5 minute clip on and entering your information on your schedule so I can thank you personally.  Bookmark, too!  SHARE that with everybody you know.

I’m about to hold my nose and cannonball half the water out of this Olympic sized pool!  Moving, dignified in my steps is brand-new to me.  I still got blisters from those cough-o’s, moffo’s and roofs holding me down.  IT’S TIME to ignore the safety belts for “my protection” and rise up.  Stay tuned and refocus ‘dem eyes! 
No more cries.  No more dust in my wallet or on my chest.  I’m stepping higher.  Guiding snausages into my griddle might come next.  Wash your face to cleanse the foundation for the dignity you’re about to wear on your face, doe.  Stay mastering lyrical genius.  Leave every door completely open and unlocked.  Leave morse-code how-to’s out abundantly clear for anyone looking to make contact with you.  Post your entire street address on the world wide web in hopes of lost connections opening their eyes and signifying they are also in the group titled “Searching.”


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  • hey, please send any personal coraspondance to

    it’s Marty. but I’m sure you aware by now..
    was checking out your page and saw the light the fire within post..

    just want to pass this along to a fellow giver…

    I’ve been struggling with a lot of self awareness, personal decisions.. and have been turning to alternative solutions..

    I made a fireplace (I’ll show u then ).. and been making fires, for a more peaceful, secerene, environment..

    here’s where it gets remarkable.
    I’ma little weird with my spirtual side.. and started kinda “talking” to God, since I don’t do church etc. and usually only in my head.. ive been doing “ritual’s” for lack of better terms..

    this morning for my morning fire I wrote “signs”.

    already saw 2 others. the 3rd was your light the fire within.

    love and let love bro. keep it plugging

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