Creative Writing 03/01

With arms wide open.
Hi Steve!  I was so happy to see you yesterday.  I’m thrilled about the momentum I’m gaining even more now having even more secure gym equipment at my house.  See the featured pic.  We placed the homemade metal bar, the one with the wooden bumper plates on it over to the rack. 
Call THIS baseline!  Shii man, I see potential!  I’m hydrated, no more tiny white specks floating in my line of vision, phew!  I’m back on the horse galloping towards the finish line.  Add another plate to each side!  We got clamps to hold those little saucers in tight!  I am open to acknowledging it’s easy to compare me to the infamous John Mcafee.  Half-baked realities, money, g*ns..  All I/we need is the instruction manual on how to zoom back and get “my” girl waking up on the predestined other side of the bed.  For now, I’ll fold up that fantasy and slide it under the door.  I’m now in even better shape, with even better safes guarding my valuable heart, sitting and standing, pulling up on the bars I’ve prearranged to do standing bicep curls in.  I win my toughest struggles most of the time. 

Heck no, I will not clarify this well enough to get myself looked at under a microscope again.  I will stop, look around and chop each obstacle preventing my natural bloom and use it to fertilize the guys you humored two.  Two of deez…  Chicks can’t wait to hatch out of the eggs.  Flowers with cocoons hanging on them remind me of when I used to try to stand up for the hallucinations I swore were worth it.  Thanks for the jetfuel, crew!  I expressed myself, showed the heart under the S embroidered suit.  I refilled my empty tank.  Have a great day!

I’m feeling that by curling while standing, I’ll be forced to also stand as tall as I can for longer periods of time. The more I can work my quads right now I feel is crucial. My resting face looks pained. Now you know why.

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