I am choosing to see your vastness this morning.  Thank you for your patience.  I am refusing to assimilate myself with that elephant that’s grown up accustomed to being chained to the next one in line’s shoulders.  My abilities and potential are limitless.  I will walk freely.  I will run.  I will find a clean easel to splat paint up against to create picture perfect landscapes, hills and valleys. 

It’s a brand new week in my head.  That’s how energized I feel.  Yesterday WAS probably a bit too long and arduous (stats stated).  I am planning to soak up the sun today, work out at home and drink plenty of fluids.  Cloudy skies will perspire in time.  

I am in my lane.  I am streaming, smiling, making moves and wyling.  I touched base with one of the most beautiful people to inherit the earth lying in bed this morning.  We held hands in my head.  That’s gonna have to do, stork.  I’d love to throw a cork at and mute my opposers disgust in my tendency to love.  I’m not lying when I admit to crying over my tendency to shy away.  Call it anxiety.  

My boldness gets confused with coldness.  My doors are set on auto-lock.  I block threats to my inner peace.  So, mama, if you want to get to the next level please make sure I’m un-intimidated, fearless and assured.  Give me the mic and encourage me to psych these water-polo players out.  I’m back in the mood to be all about adjacent corners and beautiful flowers being delivered.  Bet, as soon as oceans dry up and barriers cease to exist, I’ll be shipping myself to you, miss.

I am sore and hardly able to move so please still be ok with laying on your side and letting me plank up, laying behind you.  My quadriceps, huge, biceps, gigantic, lats, sore and entire body, more or less fragile at this moment in time.  I got lovers and friends racing to see me seek their hand in marriage.

Ladies, if I could break free of these chains, I’d swing my trunk in a circular fashion.  I’d hint to passion being my driver.  I’d quit creating made up opposition.  I’d brush my shoulders quick. 

TRAINING-DAY Amber, tell my queen it’s called effort to shine my own cloth.  I will refine what’s an aid to me til it’s dust.  It’s a must in my eyes.  I am getting better, braver and clearer talking on the phone aren’t I?  When miles between us dissipate, I will refer to you as one of the most useful tools in my toolbox. 
I love you to death!

Queen, I will not share the paragraph-long messages and texts you write me explaining what I mean to you.  I am forever thankful you are easy with facts.  Go ahead, track all my efforts.  They are all aimed to increase my ability to metaphorically “hold hands” with you.  As soon as we get to chatting in real time, for real you’ll better understand I will do so much better having you stand up for me.  My naive ways of making progress are unique to me.  Practicing my speech and diction is a whirlwind.  Don’t let my tactical ways of competing tackle you.  I want to express affection, gratitude and love to all my friends, lovers and foe.  My initial draft for this morning was to address ambrosia salad.  My alias game is intact.  Let’s get back to business, babe!

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  • Good morning Kyle as usual a beautiful writing very talented I’m happy you’re my grandson I love you

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