Pay attention and you might reach it!  Scratching off the decals might be part of your process of making achievements yours.  Do whatever helps you stay in the right mindset.
Today’s ADL’s included my personal hygiene, recording this morning’s FIRST  WOD, eating protein-packed peanut butter pancakes, doing all the dishes, writing to you and drinking fluids. 
Today’s initial recording includes sit to stands, front presses, upright rows, curls and punching.  I will INTEND on recording today’s outdoor work, boulder pickups, twists and standing too.

I’m going to wait until I have assistance, a spotter to do that.  If that gets accomplished efficiently, we might take a ride and check out some used gym equipment too.  I hope to raise enough money to put a dent into the reasonable set price of a TDS HIP-SLED.  Looking at the picture it looks like the leg press I grew up using at the local gym.  I could see us setting it up in the carport outside the house.

Back in those days, we would remove that black pad and place it across the bottom metallic plate.  Back on the pad, the equipment can be used as a leg press.  I would be working against gravity and any plates added to the sides.

Until funds are plentiful and measurable, I might provide a venmo link to add to the efforts.  Down the road anticipate a fund set up through PA ABLE to better organize collections and possible tax incentives for donating.  With momentum, who knows, matching donations might become part of the arrangement.  Don’t hold me to it yet, but this is the kind of progress I like to lean into.

Possible Forward Lean
Comment below YAY or NAY if you’d support me moving in this direction please. Thanks!

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