Honey Dew,

Rob the jewelry store, grab me a grill.  Tartar sauce.  Stir me a margarita.

My new girl Nicky, driving her fourth finger into my ring.



I’m back on top, b!  I’m drinking coffee with no cream.  I’m set up on my laptop just grinning.
If I ever act mean, I’m just staying clean and lining up these dominoes.
One flick of the wrist, you’re all falling down.

Quarter of four in the morning, moving and storing 53 grand without even getting out of bed.  That’s what I said!!!!


Stay out of my lane if all you ever do is scream, pout or stay silent.
I do enough talking to myself, bro.
I’m not about to assume the position, b!tches.  I’m sorry I’m rough around the edges.  

Teach me how to please BOTH OF US, please!

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