Secure These Keys, Please


Sh*t, yes it does bother me how I can and do spill my guts in all my writing then get looked at like I’m hiding something.

1. Tell me I haven’t made it obvious OPEN COMMUNICATION is a huge factor in my trust levels and insecurities.
– I am not going to lie and tell you everything is peachy keen if I can’t even freaking get ahold of you. Especially when I need you, you dipping and ignoring all my outreach draws at least two and a half strikes on your back. FTS

2. My chest could not be more open and receptive if I were a hung deer on opening day.

3. I’ll remain as malleable as I’ve always been until I find an artist ready to mold me into what works for all parties involved.

4. Vulnerabilities? Please don’t encourage me to be the only one sharing such weaknesses and hesitations if you’re going to leave me out to dry. That’s not cool.

5. Abandonment.. what’s your definition of abandonment? Is it flying the coop once one shares what scares him? That sounds like it fits the description right there.

6. How the h*ll do my crib notes not get absorbed is what I ask.

7. Showing interest in my passions wins you favor. Why wouldn’t you want that? Especially when my passions include you benefiting.

8. Don’t say I didn’t make each of these points super obvious next time we see each other, please.

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