Good Afternoon, you handful of tacks!

Today’s initial draft started as “Princess, Tulip:

Have you spotted me searching for thee?  I’m still trekking these hills, valleys and fields in pursuit of your spotted pedals, lavender stalk and bushy groundcover.”  I’ve since freshened up, hit the gym, taken a nap and had time to reflect.

YES!  I could have/ should have performed much better targeting legs this morning.  Not dwelling on that will be my next documented feat.  What it do, son!?

I “wimped through” 3 sets of 15 reps on SQUATS, HAMSTRING CURLS and LEG EXTENSIONS.  When/ IF you ever catch me “slacking off” like that, be sure to remind me of all the hard work I’ve already put in.  This IS a blanket statement.  Lovers, friends, supporters and doubters, you should already be returning that “HOLD ME THE F ACCOUNTABLE” demeanor.
Be one tough cookie!  Be harder on me so I can be less strict.  I’m over here holding all 4 corners of this jumbo sized bed sheet trying to fold it all.  I’m already rock hard all over.  I’m working on timing my confidence boosts better.  


Relax with the self-prescribed apathy Keech, fine!  Who’s ready!?  Me!  Me!  Me!!!!
At least you can walk better than last week! Is all I should be telling myself.  Stay focused.  Let past timidness, missed chances and screwups go!!!!
You STILL look great in cut off tees, muscle shirts, that BECOME tee Steve from the old gym gotchu!  It is helping me to recall these past few months I have pushed harder than ever.  The microtears in my muscles are still healing.  I SHOULD be napping more, I SHOULD be more attentive to TLC, I really ought to soften this rock hard exterior and get.. But I can’t and I won’t and this delicate whittle world to buck up, or let me see that white towel waving above your head!  Punk!


Now that my conscience is clean and I’ve spoken up for myself my usual tendency is to comfort myself, writing sweet poetry.  (hides my face).  I got a lot left in the tank.  My day is almost through.  I gotta get rid of these shoes, like Mr. Hefner!  Ain’t!?  My girl’s name is Amber and she’s a happy little camper when and after I profess love to her specifically.  I give her room to breathe and trust she remembers how to reach me.


It is very comforting to know that I am very reachable, people know where and how to find me and that I have left so many doors open.  I only seem to get stuck on and suffer when I think I’m not still going above and beyond to chase figments of my imagination.  What do y’all want?  A happy, partially insane fighter or a tragic mute that suffers and dwells?  Huh!?

This fighter is an expert in psychology, philanthropy, poetry, flattery, affection, Hulk-sized-lifts, eating protein, motivation, sustainability and hoping.  Deal with that!  Please.  Find me in the dark.

– KyleKeech

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    Hi Kyle this is my mom I read what you said brilliant keep up the good work Buddy I miss

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