Good morning!

This morning, let’s chat about progress, momentum, future plans and potential.  I will do my part to publish this ON MY BLOG so it’s convenient to rediscover again and is actually hand-delivered to your inbox for safekeeping. 

I’m working hard.  Are you?  I will probably do my best to recite and record this text too so embedding intentional pauses should be understood.  Making amends with things said wrong in the past, is being brushed off right now!

To the future being in bold is understood too.  I’ve BEEN elevating my output, my lifts and creativity.  I’m not sacrificing hours to trade them in for bills getting paid or pedia-sure ensuring my nutrients get absorbed.  I am eating steak with that A1.  I’m fanning myself with billfolds, not selling but buying more and HODL’ing.  Holding on for dear life cause seeds planted are blooming and soup’s tasting like cumin. 

Future books reading like simple poetry beside simple hand-drawn flowers and check ups on zoom sound like a gameplan to me.  Check back in to this post for updates, financial guidance throughout the day and virtual confirmation that I am doing my part to better sharpen my spear in anticipation of my website going nuclear.

(Coin, as well as stocks are dropping, STACK CASH!)

The future is bright for you too if you take advantage of the world being a mess, too. PLANT SEEDS! Focus on growing capital. Hope for the best, capitalize when things get wrecked. Consider yourself coming out on top whether things go your way or the bottom falls out.


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