Momentary Breakdown?

Check out the analogies pictured.  First, let’s analyze how I have my weightlifting bars set up.   Yes, 2 of the 3 bars are homemade and used a bit more than the 15 lb Olympic bar in the back, closest to the wall.  I like sparking the fire and utilizing all my equipment multiple times a week to multiple times a day. 
The lightweight pvc bar is the lightest one.  I use that the most actually.  I feel safer being able to handle it completely on my own, more able to manipulate it if I ever find myself in an uncomfortable position or awkwardness.  I’m not afraid to drop it on my toes and I feel more confident nearly throwing it around with it having plates that won’t fall off.

I utilized the Olympic bar last night doing some bench press and chest work.  I benched 3 sets of 10 with that on a flat bench to practice form, before doing the same with the 15 lb dumbbells on the flat bench.  Soon after, I inclined the bench to a 45 and did the same with both that bar and the dumbbells.

The other homemade bar has wooden plates on it.  The plates make it easier to reach the bar when it’s on the floor.  I anticipate using that bar more to practice deadlifts with.  The higher quality store bought 15 lb. Olympic bar in the back does have indicated weight limits on it.  That bar is thicker on the ends so it needs specialized plates to slide on it.  I have 2(10 lb plates with that sized hole) and 2(2.5 lb plates with that sized hole) I think.  I use that bar with supervision, benching.

The other picture shows a minute timer and a phonestand.  I am hoping to be more exact punching the bag for 60+ seconds utilizing the timer.  I’ve been using the phonestand pictured to record my workouts.  I look forward to that getting easier the more I do it.  Photographic evidence adds a whole ‘nother level to my documentation efforts.  Documentation allows me to build on ongoing success.  Practice makes perfect but documentation allows me to make the more mundane benchmarks really count.  Keep Pushing!

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