I’m Sorry Girls..

Your leader did not communicate clearly to me how to raise you free-range chickens!


Somebody’s got some explaining to do.. record that bull, text it to me. You know my number.

Look at how lush my garden is, chickey. Come by for a grand tour. Maybe we can finally see eye to eye. My door is always open for you!

(Oh, and thanks a bunch for telling “Pedro” to watch out. You make me look bad to so many people.
Too bad your establishment is the only one I have near me willing to GET PAID BANK to f*ck up!)

Hence.. Sarah, Nikki (Nicole) and all future beautiful humans, I LOVED EACH OF YOU TO DEATH, I’m sorry I got my lines crossed and shit my pants fearing I’d go to jail, be sentenced to death, in jeopardy of losing insurance, coverage and hours. I’m still right here! ❤️💪😘

Oh, aaand no I’m not afraid for expressing my truth. Thanks for the threats.

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