She-Hulk, Anonymous


Possibly, you’re reading in between the lines.  More than likely, you have your hands full.  I respect that, mama!  In today’s daily digest, I want to touch upon certain points.  If I ever hesitate replying to texts, assume I haven’t seen them yet.  (1)


I’d love to give you the tattered tee off my back, but state laws do not dig my boldness at all.  Say “I love you,” first so I can follow up with a “Yea, I love you, too!”

Got it!?  Open some dialogue so I’m not guessing and assuming wrong, too!  Otherwise, Ima fall back, focus, grate cheese and work on standing straight up off my knees.

Is that malleable for you yet?  Will you put an ounce of effort in to chew on and choose me?  Will you soothe my unnerved reactions?  Tell me to relax?  Will you remind me that all I need to do is my best?  I hope so!  I hope I feel comfortable reaching out.  I hope you encourage full expansion and development!

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