Hopelessly Devoted –

Ma’am, excuse me, scramming.
I’m back to feeling like I have a chance.  If I could communicate to you how much this Hope helps me, you’d be busy bottling up these lightning bugs like a child.  God tells us to love like children.  That’s me, a kid, popping Pop-rocks, drinking fountain drinks and running the bases.
The idea of holding hands alone gets my heart beating out of my chest.  I got a lot of sedimentary rocks forming under all this pressure.  Watch out for volcanic activity, baby lion.  Run through the jungle with me.  Let’s leave no traces they can follow to find us.


I’ll mash berries to make war paint.  Tie this torn tee around my temples.  Pierce my skin and draw blood on volleyballs.  Call all the guys waiting in line Wilson and fall back in this handmade hammock with me.  Try smiling.  Tell me you see a way to work things out together.  Let me know my faithfulness is recognized and cherished.  Let me know you are dying to jump off the shelf.

I’d carry you around in my locket if I could locate you and get you to realize real eyes realize real lies.  Don’t let me shake you, push you away or hide my face.  Comfort me by telling me you love me too.  Call in the heavies to sit on me if I try to run away.  Force feed me affection.  Show me which direction you’d like me to go in to retrieve pearls, diamonds and naturally forming jewels worth dying for!  Tell me what you have in store for me.  Suggest alone time.  Take advantage of your ability to speak clearly, think and pursue me, ma’am.  Stomp on these under-achievers taking potential for granted.  Wink once to respark my desires.  Shout “buy it” when you see a house worth building a family inside of.  Nudge me, whisper “relax.”  Assure me I do not need to fret.  I don’t want to regret exiting stage left. 
My heart needs to stay pumping for me to lift weights and open doors while marching.  I want to jump down on one knee without hearing the shrieks.  Let’s do that privately before going public. 

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  • Kyle every time you send me a text message I read it I go to submit it I don’t know whether you get it or not it comes back to me I love what you say it’s your inner thoughts I love it anyway one of these days if I ever get a car I’ll come see you if you want me to if you let me kiss you and not give me the handshake there’s a bump whatever you call it you win President Biden

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